1992 Upper Deck Baseball #63 Manny Ramirez (Top Prospect RC) - MNT 9.5

Reaper Sports and Trading Cards Inc.

SKU: MNT 00000100853

1992 Upper Deck Low Series Baseball #63 Manny Ramirez (Top Prospect RC) - MNT 9.5 (#3446)

The 1992 Upper Deck Set has a total 920 cards. The main set is 800 cards (1-700 Low Series, 701-800 High Series).The additional specialty cards are as follows: 2 SP Cards, 9 Ted Williams Baseball Heroes, 1 Ted Williams Autograph #/2500, 1 Ted Williams Hologram HH2, 9 Johnny Bench & Joe Morgan Baseball Heroes, 1 Johnny Bench & Joe Morgan Autograph #/2500, 3 College Player of the Year Hologram, 10 Heroes Highlights , 4 Heroes of Baseball  H5-H8, 3 Heroes of Baseball Checklist Autograph #/3000 H5-H7, 26 Homerun Heroes, 25 Scouting Report, 20 Ted Williams' Best Hitters, and 15 Baseball Heroes Box Bottoms (5x7). The card is of premium stock and glossy. The front of the card has a picture of the player bordered in white. The bottom of the card has a thin banner of the players name. The top left corner has the UD Logo The back is card stock gloss white and Typically has another picture of the player. There is also a Hologram UD Logo stamped on the back.

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