About Us

Reaper Sports and Trading Cards Incorporated is a family owned and run business. The father daughter duo have spent countless years working to make their dreams a reality. Todd and Cailin have worked for numerous years together and apart to make Reaper a success. Between everything you see before you and all of the behind the scenes work, they finally feel that the world is ready to meet the REAPER! 


Todd is the President of Reaper Sports and Trading Cards Inc. and has worked very hard to make the Reaper come alive. Throughout the years, Todd has devoted numerous hours trying to make our company as successful and professional as possible. Todd's passion for collectables started at a young age, buying boxes of sports cards in the mid 70's. Todd always loved the rush of opening a new wax pack to see the players attained and adding them to his master set. Todd feels overjoyed that he can have a little piece of his childhood in his present life.


    Cailin is the Marketing Manager for Reaper and devotes her time to this business and growing her name as a makeup artist. Cailin has spent her days off devoted to this company and nurturing it to strive, she does this by designing newsletter's sent to our email recipients, designing post for all of our social media accounts, making and editing videos for our YouTube channel, and setting dates and discount codes for everything, to make sure everything runs smoothly for our customers. 

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