1988 Topps Baseball #450 Barry Bonds - MNT 7.5

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SKU: MNT 00000100851

1988 Topps Baseball #450 Barry Bonds - MNT 7.5 (#3444)
The 1988 Topps Set has a total 896 cards. The main set is 792 with 22 Glossy All-Stars Set Checklist, 60 Glossy Mail-In Set Checklist, and 22 Glossy Rookies Set Checklist. The front of the card has  a picture of the player bordered in white as typical sets. The bottom of the card has a banner in the right corner of the players name. The team Name is across the top of the card in the background of the players picture. The back is card stock and light orange in colour with black font. The top of the back has the card number, players name and personal stats. The middle has the players career stats and the bottom has a "This Way to the Clubhouse" story.

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