1987 Topps Hockey #77 Michel Goulet - PSA 10 - RC000001674

Reaper Sports & Trading Cards Inc.

SKU: PSA-22899313

The 1987 Topps Hockey Card set has 198 Base cards with 16 Box Bottoms and 1 Box Top, for a total of 215 cards. The front has a players action shot bordered in a white border. Across the bottom is a graphic of a hockey stick and puck. In the stick is the players name and beside the stick on the very right bottom of the card is smaller font the players position acronym (eg C for centre). On the right bottom inside the graphic puck is the team name. The back is horizontal orientation in pink and white colours. Top to bottom is the players vitals, then players name and card number, followed by the their NHL Record and a career highlight. Across the left shows the NHLPA, NHL, Topps Logos.

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