1980 Topps Star Wars ESB Series 2 #217 Threepio's Free Ride - MNT 6.5

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SKU: MNT-0000094245

1980 Topps Star Wars ESB Series 2 #217 Threepio's Free Ride - MNT 6.5

1980 Topps Star Wars: Empire Strikes Back Series 2 was 132 base cards with 33 sticker cards. The entire series has 165 cards. This set is has a metallic looking back order with a blue outline along the image. The first card is the introduction card that gives a minor description of the movie. The next 10 cards are called "Starcraft" with some of the starships from the movie and gives a minor description of the ship. Prior to the two checklists at the end of the base set, there are 12 cards that are all a behind the scenes look at how the movie was shot! The backs of the base cards are blue with the Empire Strikes Back logo as well as the card number in the top left and a "star quiz" in the middle asking trivial questions, on the bottom of the card it previews the next card which also has the answer on it.  On the backs of the last 33 cards, the sticker cards, they have photo puzzle pieces that when put together makes one large picture.

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