1984 Topps Hockey #133 Joe Mullen - PSA 9 - RC000001620

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The 1984 Topps set has 165 cards. This was the first Topps set since 1981. The cards have for the first time, two pictures of the player on the front. One is the main action shot and the other is a face picture that is located in the bottom right of the card. The border trim is coloured in the team colours that the players team. On the bottom beside the face picture is the player name and team name. The Canadian teams were very much unrepresented. The back of the card is verticle in orientation. The top of the card has a dark blue strip with the players name. Under that there is light pink and dark pink seperated by a white graphic hockey stick. The players vitals are first. Then card number, players stats, Career hightlight in english only. Across the bottom is the NHLPA, NHL and Topps logos.

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