1980 Topps Star Wars ESB Series 3 Sticker #86 GJ - PSA 9

Reaper Sports & Trading Cards Inc.

SKU: PSA-20487529

1980 Topps Star Wars: Empire Strikes Back Series 3 was 88 base cards with 22 sticker cards. The entire series has 110 cards. This set is has a metallic gold looking back order with a green outline along the image. The first card is the title card that gives a minor description of the movie. The next 10 cards are cartoon cards with the main characters on them. Prior to the two checklists at the end of the base set, there are 13 cards called "Space Paintings" which are real paintings by Ralph McQuarrie.  The backs of the base cards are blue with the Empire Strikes Back logo as well as the card number in the top left and a "story digest" in the middle explaining the scene, on the bottom of the card it previews the next card.  On the backs of the last 22 cards, the sticker cards, they have photo puzzle pieces that when put together makes one large picture.

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